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Basler Electric Logo

Basler Electric

Class 2, Intermediate, and Large Dry Type Transformers,
Value-Added Assemblies, Chokes, and Reactors



Enclosure Hardware, Component Mount & Spaces, Card Guides & PCB Ejectors, Linear & Track LED Lighting, Smart Drawer Handlers.

Blink America


A leading expert in CAN-based digital switching solutions. Keypads, Powerkey Pad, Inserts, and Powerkey. Power Management Units: Keybox and PC10. As well as custom solutions. Industry markets: Agriculture, Construction Machinery, Emergency/First Responders, Marine, Truck-Bus, Motorsport, Electric/Autonmous Vehicles, and Military.

Conxall HEICO Logo


Full Range of Plastic & Metal Circular Connectors & Molded Cable Assemblies from 2-37 contacts
Sealed Harsh Environment Connectors & Molded Cable Assemblies to IP67 & IP68 (NEMA 250, 6P rating)
Custom Design Capability to Fit Product to Specific Application Needs
Made in USA



Cosel is the quality leader in AC/DC, DC/DC Power Supplies, and EMI Filters.
AC/DC coverage is from 3W to 10KW, including medical, industrial and commercial products. Open frame, enclosed, DIN Rail and board level products are included in this coverage.
DC/DC Coverage is from 1.5W to 700W including standard footprints, bricks, POL and IBC types. External panel or DIN Rail mount DC/DC converters are also available.
EMI Filter coverage is from 3A to 600A including ripple noise filters. Many available with optional DIN Rail mount.<0.1004> <0.8B68>
Fast delivery, technical support and high quality are the benchmarks for Cosel products.



Display Vision

Display Visions is a leading specialist in Display technology. uniTFT Series: High intelligent HMI of the future. OLED Series: Worldwide first OLED Display with pins. DOG Series: Slimline display with pins. DIP Series: Advantages in Mounting. eDIP Series: Intelligent display cuts development time. TFT Series: For industrial applications. ePAPER Series: Zero current – Amazing contrast. Data logger: USB, WiFi or Bluetooth interface.

ebm papst logo

ebm-papst Inc.

EC, AC and Brushless DC Fans, Blowers and Motors
Automotive/Transportation Air Moving Devices
Value Added Air Moving Assemblies
GreenTech EC Products and Systems
LED Active Cooling Solutions
IP Rated Fans and Blowers
FlowGrid and AxiBlade below IP Rated Fans and Blowers
AC & DC Brushless Motors, Gear Motors, Drive Motors, Pump Motors


Laird Performance Meterials

EMI Solutions
Thermal Interface Materials
Eccosorb Microwave Absorbers
Signal Integrity Products-Ferrites
ITAR Registered


Laird Thermal Systems

Thermoelectric Coolers,
Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies,
Liquid Cooling Systems,
Temperature Controllers,
Custom Solutions,
Thermal Wizard



Mersen offers Fuses as Electrical Current Protection for Industrial and Commercial equipment, Graphite for Anti-Corrosion and High Temp applications, Power Conversion (high speed Fuses, Heat Sinks, Capacitors and Laminated Bus Bars). Thermal solutions include cold plates, heat exchangers and swaged fin heat sink.

logo noritakeitron


VFD Displays
TFT Graphic Modules with Captive Touch Screens
EMI Shields with AI+ITO on Glass
OLED Displays, Enclosures
Captive Touch Switch Assemblies

netpower logo descriptor


For decades NetPower has been making highly reliable DC-DC and AC-DC power conversion products for industrial, automotive, railway, communication and high-reliability applications. Certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, NetPower takes pride of its superior product quality and unparalleled support to its global customers



OEM Power Supplies & Adapters for Personal Electronics, Network Power & IP Security, Home Entertainment, Battery Chargers and Lighting Solutions
Thin/Small Adapters
Wall Plug Adapters with Clips
Standard Desktop Adapters
PoE Midspans/Splitters, RPS and PoE Accessories
Passive Injectors, Extenders, Midspan Port Management



Our mission is to build lasting relationships with customer partners who value creative solutions to challenging power conversion problems in demanding applications.

powersonic logo descriptor


Rechargeable batteries including: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Powersport, and a Lithium ( LiFe4 ) Bluetooth Series with Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). Battery Chargers.

Quell Logo


Quell’s EESeals are EMI/RFI and Transient protection connector inserts for a variety of standard and custom connectors (MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-5015, DSub, Micro-D, etc.) Helps meets MIL-461 and DO-160 issues. Custom Samples built to your specifications in 24-48 hours.



Highly Reliable Circular Connectors, Molded Cable Assemblies
Highly Reliable Jacks & Plugs, Switches, Audio/Video Patchbays & Patch Cords
Harsh Environment Sealed Connectors,Cable Assemblies, Jacks & Plugs, Rated to IP68 (NEMA 250, 6P)
Full Variety of XLR Connectors, Jacks & Plugs and Other Audio Products
Made in USA



Performance Woven Cable Sleeving
Cut and Abrasion Resistant Sleeving
Flexo PET, Ignition System Sleeving
Fuel Chemical and Solvent Resistant  Sleeving
Thermal Insulated & High Temp Sleeving
Heat Shrink Tubing, Extruded Tubing Solutions

The Gund Company

The Gund Company

The Gund Company is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered material solutions for power systems.
This includes but is not limited to electrical insulation components used in transformer, switchgear, power electronic, and rotating equipment applications.
The Gund Company has been in business over 60 years and is vertically integrated on many key materials, including high and low pressure laminates, flexible materials, and elastomeric materials. Specialty markets include military, aerospace, medical electronics, and food service equipment.
The Gund Company is ISO 9001: 2008 & AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered.


About Us

The mission of ArKco Sales Inc. is to provide professional field sales service for our principals, customers, and distributor partners. We provide local relationship management for global electro-mechanical component and assembly solutions.